Positively impacting the lives of all people in Somerset through cricket

Positively impacting the lives of all people in Somerset through cricket

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What we do

We are here to facilitate the playing and improvement of recreational cricket in Somerset as well as positively impacting our communities through cricket. This involves working in close partnership with many organisations and individuals as well delivering courses, programmes and projects. Our main focus can be broken down into the following areas.

Clubs and Competitions

Clubs & competitions

Supporting and inspiring clubs and leagues is at the forefront of our operations.

Women and Girls Cricket

Women & girls

The women’s and girls’ game in Somerset has grown over the last few years and the Somerset Cricket Foundation now has a variety of different offers available.

Somerset schools cricket coaching

Schools & education

We run a significant schools coaching programme to inspire the next generation to say “Cricket is a sport for me”.

National Cricket Programmes

Community programmes

We deliver Cricket for Good programmes to make a difference in the community.

Children’s coaching

There are a number of opportunities for children aged from 4 to 18 to get involved in cricket in Somerset.

Workforce, Training and Education


Our workforce programme facilitates and supports the organisation of cricket in Somerset. Coaching, umpiring, scoring, groundsmanship and first aid all help cricket to thrive.

Disability Cricket and Inclusion

DisabIlity Cricket and Inclusion

We offer accessible cricket through a variety of offers: schools delivery, community hubs, and performance cricket through our visually impaired and disability county teams.

Safeguarding & EDI

We are committed to providing a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment in which children, young people and adults from all backgrounds can enjoy and achieve in cricket.

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