The Trustees of Somerset Cricket Foundation are:

Winston Duguid

Chairman of the Board of Trustee

An experienced non-executive director with a strong portfolio, with great experience of business and operations. Experience of the business since 2015, becoming the Chair in 2021.

Roger Eggleton

Foundation Treasurer

Oversees the financial controls of the Foundation and is a member of the Remuneration & Nominations sub-committee. Brings huge knowledge and experience to the Foundation from a career in finance.

Jane Knowles

Chief Executive of Somerset Activity Sports Partnership. Member of the Remuneration & Nominations sub-committee offering the Foundation both strategic development and operational guidance.

Paddy Magill

Business & Management focus – member of the Fundraising Sub-committee with experience and knowledge of both local partners and the clubs membership.

Annabel Timmins

The Foundations Safeguarding Lead, offering strategic and operational oversight. A professional in safeguarding with great experience in both implementation, training & development.

Becky Rowson

A fundraising specialist within the charity sector – member of the Foundations Fundraising committee and guiding the Foundation through income generation and partnership opportunities.

Dr Habib Naqvi mbe

Chief Executive, NHS Race and Health Observatory – member of the Remuneration & Nomination Committee and is the lead Trustee on developing our ED&I Strategy & Engagement. Habib is the Foundations representative on the Somerset Country Cricket Clubs main Board.

Gordon Hollins

Chief Executive of SCCC – An observer on the Board of Trustees. Plays an integral part to the ongoing collaboration between the club and Foundation.

Somerset Cricket Foundation Staff

Contact details for staff can be found here.

Other important contacts