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Safeguarding Policy Statement and Information

Somerset Cricket Foundation is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment in which children, young people and adults from all backgrounds can enjoy and achieve in cricket either as a participant, volunteer or staff member.


Safeguarding Policy

Our Safeguarding Policy document signs us into the ECB Policy statement and fully adopts the ECB Safe Hands Policy and Procedures for Safeguarding Children in cricket.

Download our Safeguarding Policy

The ECB Policy and Procedures documents is available to download by clicking here.

County Safeguarding Officers

The county has an appointed Safeguarding Officer, Brian Hoyle and a Deputy Safeguarding Officer, Amanda Counsell, whose job is to liaise with the Somerset Cricket Foundation on all safeguarding issues and to offer advice to anyone within cricket who needs it.

Should you have an issue that you would like advice on please contact Brian or Amanda using the details below:

Brian Hoyle – County Safeguarding Officer

Phone: 01823 352266


Amanda Counsell – Deputy County Safeguarding Officer

Phone: 01278 785324


To support our County Safeguarding Officers each club across the county should have its own Club Safeguarding Officer (CSO) who is nominated by the club. The CSO should have attended the necessary courses and hold the required certifications provided by the Somerset Cricket Foundation (SCF). These include:

Online Safeguarding Young Cricketers certification
ECB DBS check
ECB Safe Hands qualification

Best practice highlights how each club should also have a deputy to take the place of the Safeguarding Officer should they be away or unavailable. These officers’ details should be provided to the league in which the club plays and also the SCF.

All appointed Club Safeguarding Officers can apply to become ECB DBS Evidence Verifiers for their club or area.
For further information on how to apply, please email Brian Hoyle at the email address above.


Our Policy is backed up by a comprehensive training and education programme and a structured implementation plan, providing a sensitive process to respond to concerns.

Please see the information below detailing guidance around accessing the required qualifications for Club Safeguarding Officers.

Safe Hands Workshop 

If your CSO attended a recent ECB Safe Hands Webinar please note that this qualification will only be valid for 24 months.

Club Safeguarding Officers that require the ECB Safe Hands Workshop qualification can find full details of the course and how to book here.

Online Safeguarding Young Cricketers module

Club Safeguarding Officers will need to complete the online Safeguarding Young Cricketers Certificate. To complete this course please email Brian Hoyle at the email address above with the following information:

Full name – Preferred email address – Club affiliation

We will then invite you to book onto the online Safeguarding Young Cricketers module with the SCF. You will then receive an email inviting you to book onto the module. Once you have booked on you will receive a second email from the ECB with a link and access details to your new ECB e-learning account.

Please log in to your e-learning account at in order to complete the module and ensure that you download your certificate. You may have to wait after registering before the module appears in your e-Learning.

ECB DBS check

If you need an ECB DBS you can ask your Club Safeguarding Officer (CSO) to initiate the online application for you, alternatively you can contact: or

In order to initiate an application, the verifier will require:

  1. Full Name – That appears on ID documents (including title – Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Dr)
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Preferred Email Address
  4. Club Affiliation
  5. Club Role

Once your application has been initiated, the system will issue you with an email which will contain a link for you to complete and submit your application.

Further information on how to complete your ECB DBS application can be found here.

As part of the application you will be required to select 3 forms of ID from a list of options, which you will then need to take with you to have verified in a face-to-face meeting with a verifier, this can be the person who initiated your application or another verifier you have found using the find a verifier tool.

Alternatively you will also be given a list of available local verifiers – the system will pick the verifier from your club if there is one. If not, it will give you a list of verifiers from your County.

If you cannot arrange a meeting with a verifier local to you, please contact Brian Hoyle using the email address above

Once you have had your documents verified your application will be dispatched to the DBS (for non-volunteers, there is one extra step involving payment before the application gets dispatched). Then, it is just a case of waiting for your certificate to arrive in the post.

Once you have received the certificate, the Safeguarding team at Lord’s may request for you to post it to them for further review, but only if there is content on it (a previous conviction or caution). If the certificate is clear, the process is complete and you do not need to do anything else.

Useful Documents and Links

Please click here to find out more about recent updates you should be aware of and what safeguarding in cricket looks like.

If you have any concerns about a child or adult at risk or the behaviour of an adult towards either of these, you should share these immediately. It is natural to feel a little anxious about reporting a safeguarding concern, but remember, it is not your responsibility to decide if abuse or neglect has taken place, but you do have a duty of care to share any concerns you have.

Please click here for more information on How to Share a concern.

The following documents are pull out features from our Safeguarding Policy, we hope that Coaches and Welfare Officers will find these documents useful:

Concerns flowchart

Guidance for coaches working with children

Guidance for supervising children at cricket sessions