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Starting a women's section

Are you interested in starting a women cricket section in your club?  We can help you! 

Why start a women’s section?

Cricket clubs have a real opportunity to welcome women from within the community who are looking to become more active. Whether joining as new players or volunteers, active or not, they have the potential to add a lot of value to club life and can ensure a thriving and sustainable cricket club central to community life. Some of the benefits of introducing females to your cricket club include:

????More Members

????More men and juniors involved

????More Volunteers

????Increased Revenue

????Heart of the Community

????More Social events

How can SCB support you?

We have created two offers for clubs looking to start a female section.

  1. Give it a go
    This is aimed at clubs wanting to start a soft ball section
  2. Grow the Game
    This is targeted at clubs wishing to start a hard ball section

Our cricket club is interested, what next?

  • All Clubs to meet the prerequisites of the programmes 
  • All clubs who are interested need to complete an online application by the 19th February 
  • All clubs need to make a commitment to invest time into promoting the programme