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Softball Festivals

The festivals are partly aimed at women who haven’t played cricket before and bringing teams together for a day full of fun packed social cricket which includes friendly matches, camaraderie, food and music.

2021 Festivals

batting player1

To enter a festival, all you need to do is find seven other women, form a team and register!  It’s that simple!  All abilities are welcome and the equipment will be provided. Team registrations are completely free of charge.  These festivals are ideal for clubs who have new players who want to experience cricket in a fun, safe and social environment!

What’s the deal then?

The game is played with a softer ball (hard foam centre), so it means no pads, helmets etc are required!  The rules are very simple and designed to get every team member involved!  In your team of eight, each pair bat for two overs (12 balls) and if you’re given out the bowling team get given 5 runs, but you remain in!  Ideally each player in your team will bowl; overarm, or underarm!

Festivals are a great way to start your cricket journey as the provide a fun and safe environment to give it a go.  The emphasis is not out be being the best team, but about the team that gives it their best!

To participate in a festival, players should be in at least year 8 of secondary school and 13 years of age. 

Where is my nearest festival?

DateVenueTimeFestival Capacity Booking Link
13 June 2021Bedminster CC2pm FULLY BOOKED Book here
13 June 2021Long Sutton CC2pmFULLY BOOKED Book here
13 June 2021Wembdon CC2pmFULLY BOOKED Book here
11 July 2021Huntspill & District CC2pmFULLY BOOKED Book here
11 July 2021Stanton Drew CC2pmCANCELLEDBook here
25 July 2021Ilminster CC2pmFULLY BOOKED Book here
8 August 2021Portishead CC2pm4Book here
8 August 2021Frome CC2pm4Book here
8 August 2021Ilminster CC2pm4Book here
13 August 2021Knowle CC6.30pm4Book here
13 August 2021Staplegrove CC6.30pm4Book here
29 August 2021Ilton CC2pm4Book here
5th September 2021Brislington CC2pm4Book here

Bubbles & Bats Festivals 

bubbles and bats

bubbles and bats

Our Bubbles and Bats Programme is a great social introduction to softball cricket.   Bubbles & bats is ideal women who can muster a team of work-mates, coerce a team of friends or persuade your sport team to try a new activity!   With teams of six players competing in a fun, fast and friendly game, is there a better way to spend an evening.   To enter our Bubbles & Bats Festival each team is required to pay £15 on arrival at the festival.  For the entry fee, each team will receive

  • A bottle of prosecco for their team – presented at the end of the evening
  • Women’s softball player T-Shirt
  • A wonderful evening of cricket!

Trophies awarded on the night for; Catch, Shot and Ball of the Day, as well Team of the day!

All equipment is provided, all you need to do is arrive as a team of six, wearing something that is comfortable and suitable for some physical activity!

Where is my nearest Bubbles & Bats Festival?

Look out for our list of Bubbles and Bats Festivals in early 2021

Bubbles & Bats Rules

  • Games are played in a social and friendly manner
  • A team is six players
  • Players bat in pairs
  • Each batting pair faces two overs between them (12 balls)
  • Each person bowls an over (6 balls) overarm or under arm
  • Each time a player is ‘out’ the team loses 5 runs, but the batter remains ‘in’ and continues to bat for the duration of the 12 balls
  • A player can be given ‘out’ by being bowled, caught, stumped, run out or hitting their own wicket!
 Bubbles and Bats Bath example flyer


Date Venue Booking Link
4th June Ilton CC Book Here
18th June Wiveliscombe CCBook here
25th July Brompton CCCANCELLED
30th July Congresbury CC Book Here
6th August Shapwick & Polden CCBook here
13th August Taunton St Andrews Book here
13th August Long Sutton CC Book Here
3rd September North Perrott Book here