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ECB Clubmark

ECB Clubmark – Sustaining the future of your club.

ECB Clubmark is currently under review.

The current position with the Clubmark accreditation scheme is that Sport England have decided to withdraw from their own generic Clubmark scheme and to remove the licences they hold with the larger NGB’s such as the England & Wales Cricket Board. 

The removal of the licence gives us a chance to reflect on how the ECB scheme currently works. The ECB will use 2020 to review the current Clubmark process and consult with clubs and counties to ensure the scheme provides a solid base for clubs to grow, whilst recognising the time pressures which we know exist for volunteers within the game. Whilst this consultation and review is being undertaken we will not be conducting any full re-accreditations or annual health checks during 2020.
 This is with a view to launching an updated accreditation scheme in 2021. 

To ensure we are providing safe environments for children to enjoy our game, during 2020 the ECB will be introducing central safeguarding checks across all Clubmark accredited clubs and to retain your accreditation you will need to demonstrate you are meeting the required standards. 

Further information on the process will follow in 2020 to allow you to plan for completion, but it will be beneficial for you to review your clubs position with regards to DBS and safeguarding training as a pre-cursor to this.

Further information regarding Club Welfare Officer qualifications can be found here.

Further information covering Coaches qualifications, Volunteer DBS checks and First Aid courses, can be found here.

If you would like any further information regarding the ECB Clubmark accreditation process, please contact Brian Hoyle at: