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Anyone can enter, you do not need to be associated with a club, just a group of 6 women! All levels of experience and ability are welcome. To express an interest in the SCF Women’s Indoor Countdown Cricket Festival click here . 


  • North East – Frome Sports Centre
  • North West – Gordano School
  • South West – Taunton College
  • South East – Wadham School

Soft Ball Countdown Cricket  – 6 a side…

  • 6 per team.
  • Each batting team will face 45 balls.
  • Bowlers will bowl 5 balls and can bowl a maximum off two over (5 balls). 
  • Each batting pair will face 15 balls.


  • Runs are scored by hitting either side wall and or the wall behind the batter (1 run). 4 runs for the back wall or 6 runs for back wall without bouncing. Completing a runs between the wickets counts as 2 runs.
  • Batters can be out bowled, caught or run out.
  • For run outs the crease (i.e. area that the batter is considered to be safe) is marked by the batting tees at the batters end and a pair of cones at the bowlers end.
  • When a batter is out, the batter swap ends and continue (5 runs are added to fielding every wicket).
  • Umpires should use discretion to swap batters to ensure each faces a similar number of balls.


  • All bowling is from the same end.
  • Both underarm and overarm bowling is allowed, with a straight arm encouraged.
  • A ball will be called a no ball if (Arriving at the batter above the waist height and bouncing more than twice rolling along the ground or stopping) 
  • A ball will be called a wide if it is outside of the batting tees (that make the crease)
  • No-balls & wides are scored as 2 runs to batting team, and no extra delivery to be bowled.

If you have any questions about women’s indoor cricket festival contact – Colette Gooding (Women and Girls Development Officer) 

Expression of interest form needs to be filled on by Sunday 5th September 2021. Teams will then be allocated festival and asked to make payment to confirm there place.