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Starting a girls' section

Our guide and support package to help clubs launch new girls’ sections

Setting up a girl’s section in your club is not as daunting as you think.  With approximately 25% of the counties All Stars being girls, we need to think how we retain them in our clubs and playing cricket.

Younger girls aren’t always encouraged into sport and physical activity as much as boys. Research by Women in Sport shows that even in children aged as young as seven, gender stereotypes regarding girls’ sporting abilities are already taking shape. Women in Sport also found that girls’ participation in sport and physical activity starts to decline from this age at a much faster rate than boys.

Why have a Girls section?

By creating a girls only section, the club is likely to experience these benefits;

  • New players, both male and female
  • Improved social events – more people attending
  • Increase in revenue from membership & bar takings
  • More volunteers
  • Create a real family feel to the club
  • A vibrant club/more energy

How Can SCB Support your club?

With the inception of Dynamos Cricket, we see this is a great resource for clubs to utilise and create a girls only Dynamos programme.  To Support clubs we have a created our Dynamos Plus offer.  


Our cricket club is interested, what next?

  • All clubs to meet the prerequisites as outlined in the application 
  • All clubs who are interested need to complete an online application by the 19th February
  • All interested club to attend a Women and girls webinar, book here