Whilst many recreational clubs returned to cricket in July, about 60 young people who are part of Super1 programme were still waiting for their opportunity to play.  The Office for National Statistics highlighted that people with a disability reported to spend significantly more time alone that those non-disabled adults during this period of Covid.  Understandably, we were keen to restart our Super 1 programme as soon as possible so we could begin to connect the relationships that had been made pre Covid.  However, having traditionally delivered indoors, we were found ourselves homeless without venues to deliver in!  We needed the support of our brilliant club network to allow our young people to experience the joys of returning to team sport.

Thankfully six brilliant clubs and some amazing volunteers opened their doors to allow us to deliver two months of outdoor super 1 cricket sessions.

Thank you to the six cricket clubs and the wonderful volunteers who gave even more time to benefit young people that were not originally connected to their club.  Thank you to Bridgwater Cricket Club (thanks to Scott, Andrew and Andy) , Hampset Cricket Club (thanks to Debbie), Street Cricket Club (thanks to Ben), Staplegrove Cricket Club (thanks to Lorraine), Uphill Castle Cricket Club (thanks to Dave and Ade) and Yeovil Cricket Club (thanks to Brian and Rob).

So, what did returning to Super 1s really mean to our participants?
Well see what it means to Finlay;
” He was super excited to return and has really missed seeing his friends and the social side of being in a group. He was so upset when it stopped. He loves cricket and really enjoys learning with the coaches which he then practices at home in front of the TV when a cricket match is on! Super 1s is the highlight of his week, a club where he really feels he belongs. He is already checking the weather forecast daily for next week and hopes it won’t be cancelled!”
Other parent and carers echoed Finlay’s feelings;

He was very pleased to see his friends again and socialise with people outside of his family bubble. He felt safe and managed all the cleaning and sanitising well.

He had a fantastic time yesterday at the cricket club. He loved all the activities and loved seeing everyone again and is looking forward to next week.

Was great and felt safe, he loved every minute. Was great to find a group that suits his needs and helps him get out of the house.  Looking forward to next week!