Our Super 1’s Cricket programme in partnership with the Lord Taverners was launched in January 2019 and is already making small impacts.  For more information on Super 1s and how to join, please visit our Super 1’s page.   Read our ‘Dad’s Eye View’ to see the difference it is making.


A ‘Dad’s Eye’ View.

Super 1s has been a great opportunity for Harry. His physical capability to play the game and understanding of the game has improved fantastically. 12 months ago, he did not really understand the concept of batting – now he really likes batting and enjoys moving towards and looking to hitting the ball. His bowling technique has been another fantastic improvement with both control and power improving. It has been a real pleasure for me to see him improve.

However, most important for Harry is the inclusion in the group and meeting regularly with his out of school friends and making new friends. Harry always talks about meeting his friends Charlie, James, Josh and Matt above playing the cricket.

The pace and content of the sessions is excellent. It is totally inclusive, with every person taking part at all times. It is amazing that with so many people at the sessions the coaches always have every player doing something. Tt is fun and engaging which is a main reason it suits Harry and he is keen to be there every session.

Super 1s is a great opportunity for all and is making a real difference supporting many aspects of Harry’s personal development whilst teaching him to play cricket. He is growing in confidence, happy to mix with new people, enjoying the combination of team game and individual performance. He is now also training as part of the Somerset Dragons, the Somerset County Super 9 development team.