Helping to grow and diversify the game

Our strategic plan for 2020 to 2025 is linked to the ECB’s Inspired Generations strategy to enable a generation to say that ‘cricket is a game for me’ but we also have many local priorities to ensure we are leading and inspiring our communities, clubs and players to grow and diversify the game.

Our Mission

We will engage, inspire and develop our clubs and communities to improve people’s lives through cricket.

Our Strategic Objectives

To fulfil our stated mission we will:

  1. Sustain and develop a thriving network of clubs
  2. Develop, grow and diversify the volunteer workforce
  3. Take cricket to our communities and make it a game for all
  4. Proactively safeguard the game in Somerset
  5. Develop gold standard governance

Our priorities

To help us achieve or strategic objectives we have developed 14 priorities that all have actions and key performance indicators linked to them. The priorities are:

  1. Increase the number of females playing at clubs
  2. Develop club and community facilities to meet anticipated future demand
  3. Maintain and grow opportunities for adults to play the game
  4. Maintain and grow opportunities for juniors to play the game
  5. Support and grow the volunteer network within the cricket community
  6. Grow and support the qualified coaching workforce in clubs and schools
  7. Improve the quality of pitches and outfields at cricket facilities
  8. Develop a new wave of officials
  9. Increase the number of children experiencing cricket in our schools
  10. Develop a culture of cricket within our schools
  11. Provide more opportunities for people with a disability to play cricket
  12. Significantly increase the positive impact that has on individuals and communities in Somerset
  13. Develop safeguarding to ensure cricket environments are welcoming and safe places
  14. Diversify and develop our governance to achieve ECB Gold standard by 2023

We will work with many different partners and stakeholders to fulfil our stated mission including but not limited to; Our affiliated cricket clubs, local cricket leagues and associations, schools (primary, secondary and SEN), Somerset County Cricket Club, the ECB, Chance to Shine, The Lords Taverners, local councils, Sport England, County Sport Partnerships and local charities.