We appreciate that up until now we’ve not confirmed timings for National Programmes in 2024. Please accept our apologies if this has directly impacted your own planning as we have been awaiting important information from the ECB regarding All Stars & Dynamos for the year which is now available.

ECB are happy to confirm that registrations will now be open nationwide from 13th March 2024, and delivery of courses can start from 10th May 2024.

As with previous years, a Priority Window for previous bookers – or anyone who has registered interest in National Programmes in 2024 – will open prior to the national launch date. For 2024, that date is Wednesday 6th March, which is a few weeks later than what you may be working towards, due to a change in our national timelines.

Therefore, key milestones are:

  • Today onwards (31st January) – Clubs and Centres register courses on ClubSpark
  • Wednesday 6th March – Priority Window opens
  • Wednesday 13th March – General registrations open to everyone
  • From Friday 10th May – Delivery of courses begin

Please note ECB are currently experiencing some delays to the usual kit delivery process, however, they are aiming to deliver all participant packs prior to their course start date.

National Programmes in 2024 – What’s New?

Much of National Programmes have remained the same for 2024 but there few changes for the new season:

  1. All Stars Cricket Logo change on kit – In 2023 the All Stars Logo was updated on all marketing resources but in 2024 it will be appearing on kit and equipment.
  2. New Activator Training Requirements – For 2024, the Online Induction Course has been dropped and will now be part of the 2 hour face to face training required for New Activators.
  3. Holiday Camp Course Setup Function– To support last years introduction of clubs being able to run programmes as Holiday Courses there is now a new function on Clubspark to setup a holiday course.

There is no changes to the pricing model and what clubs receive or the session ratios which is detailed below:

All Stars

  • All Stars Cricket kit bag for new centres
  • Receive £10 per child (based on recommended retail price of £40 per child)
  • £5 credit per sign up to spend on kit in the All Stars shop
  • There must always be a minimum of two DBS adults present
  • 1 Qualified Activator to 24 children
  • 1 DBS adult to every 8 children


  • Dynamos Cricket kit bag for new centres (after 10 sign ups)
  • £5 credit per sign up to spend on kit in the Dynamos shop
  • Ability to cost the programme as they wish (£15 back to the ECB and RRP is £40)
  • There must always be a minimum of two DBS adults present
  • 1 Qualified Activator to 24 children
  • 1 DBS adult to every 8 children

Registration and Programme Setup

Clubs can now (31st January) start setting up their courses for the summer ahead and we recommend that this is completed before the 6th March when the priority booking window opens so people can find your programmes.

Clubs who have previously run/set up All Stars or Dynamos – Click here to sign in to complete the initial registration phase


New clubs – sign up here to create a new account on ClubSpark

Club Contacts, Activators and Checklist Documents

Once registered you can add your key club contact, add activators & start uploading the required club documents for approval.

Activator Training information will be released in early February so it is import to get your activators added to the system if they are not already on the system. Here is a guide on adding activators to Clubspark.

The ECB have created an Activator Webspace that contains lots of great advice, resources and support for All Stars and Dynamos Cricket, including:

  • Recruiting Activators and Volunteers
  • Supporting Activators
  • Celebrating Activators

On the club checklist there are required club documents which need to be uploaded for approval:

These documents need to be in date for the duration of your programme(s) to be approved by us. Here is a link on how to upload these documents.

Please note that these don’t need to be all uploaded to be able to setup a programme but need to be all approve before your first session.

Stripe Account

If you are an existing club you need to check that your stripe account is all up to date to be able to take payments on your courses.

New clubs need to setup a stripe account which links to the club bank account to enable you to receive payments.

If stripe is not setup your club is unable to take bookings on programmes.

Below are to useful guides on Stripe:

Setting up your programme

As stated above it is important to have this done by the 6th March. Here is a guide on how to upload All Stars & Dynamos courses.

If you have any difficulties with any of the above please contact Matt Counsell

Want to find out more information?

For any information about All Stars and Dynamos Cricket in Somerset please contact: matthew.counsell@somersetcricketfoundation.org or Ben.Osborne@somersetcricketfoundation.org

Any club interested in running Girls only Dynamos please contact: amber.casley@somersetcricketfoundation.org