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As a Cricket Foundation we strive to make cricket a game for everyone.  We want to encourage fully inclusive cricket sessions, or where it’s appropriate support discrete disability cricket sessions.

We know that young people with a disability want to play sport, but we know there is a dearth of provision.  We know that young people with a disability experience high levels of loneliness, but we know that sport can provide social interaction and develop connections.  We want to ensure that cricket clubs across Somerset are aware of the range of opportunities that are available for young people and adults with disability.

In addition, as clubs’ continue to run National Programmes (All Stars & Dynamos) inevitably the range of needs your coaches/activators encounter will increase.  This is demonstrated by the range of disclosed needs/disabilities that was disclosed from this year’s registering participants .   We want clubs to understand how to best engage young people who may have a hidden disability or a disability that is perhaps more overt.  We want to upskill/educate and develop coaches and activators to understand individual need, which we hope will result in everyone being able to engage at understand what is being asked of them.

We need your support to raise awareness of disability cricket in Somerset.  As a network of 150 clubs, our collective reach is massive and we want to use this to help reach more players who will benefit from the experiences we take for granted.    As a club you might have members who have children who could participate in Super 1s programme, which is our free weekly disability cricket session for 12-24 year olds.  As a club you might have players who could represent the County disability team.  As a club, maybe  you may want to get involved in running your own disability cricket sessions.   This Summer, we linked four cricket clubs with nine adult day service providers.  This resulted in the cricket club running their own disability cricket sessions during August.  Finally, as a club you may have volunteers who want to support our disability offer.  If you do, we’d love to hear form them!

We can support you to become an inclusive cricket club by offering you and your coaches/activators the opportunity to receive training and development.


We have training available for coaches/activators .   The training will help your club become an inclusive club.

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Club Action:

We have devised three levels of engagement for cricket clubs.  See the link below for a description on each level.

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