Through the Lords Taverners and the ECB, Somerset Cricket Foundation have delivered multiple formats of the game we all love to ensure its accessibility to diverse range of need.

Since October, community coaches have delivered in 26 schools reaching a whopping 1000 pupils.  Learners will have experienced one of these three formats of the game; sensory, table and softball.

Sensory Cricket:

This provides a journey through a game of cricket, using various senses such as sound, touch, smell.  This experience culminates in learners hitting the winning runs to win the match!  This has been used with individuals who have more profound and higher support needs.  Many of these learners wouldn’t traditionally get to experience the game of cricket.

Table Cricket:

Table cricket is an adapted version of cricket that is played on a table tennis table with teams of six taking it in turn to bowl or bat. The playing area has different scoring zones and carefully positioned fielders around the table, bowlers use a ramp to deliver the ball to the batter who has to hit the ball into the scoring zones, avoiding the fielders if they can!

Softball Cricket:

The traditional version of the game tweaked and modified to make it exciting and fun!


Over the course of the past five months, community coaches have worked with specialist SEN schools and mainstream school SEN departments to make cricket fully accessible to young people regardless of ability.

In the month April a series of Table Cricket competition were hosted across the County and they were supported by young leaders from Richard Huish and Yeovil College.  A total of 15 teams competed in 4 competitions across the county.

Polden Bower shared the impact cricket had on their school

The sensory cricket was a real win with our learners as they loved experiencing the sounds and equipment linked to cricket, they loved wearing the pads, jumper and helmet!   Through the experience our learners had to listen to new people, take turns and work as a team.  It was great to have such a range of cricket that was accessible to all our pupils

St Marks School detailed how valuable Table Cricket was for one of their pupils,

One pupil who dislikes PE and giving any form of physical exercise a go was really reluctant at first to participate but after a few sessions saw that he could succeed.  He then  grew in confidence and didn’t want the sessions to end.   The game changer for him was being with other students with similar needs and being able to do it in his school uniform

Steve Gass, Community Programme Manager said

Being able to provide a sport in such different formats truly makes it accessible for everyone.  Our coaches do an amazing job at adpating to different needs and situations to ensure they provide a valuable and meaningful experience for each young person.  To reach over 1000 young people is a great achievement and with our Super 1 sessions being located  across the county, it means that everyone can find their tribe and engage with a community activity.