Enhancing facilities and playing opportunities

The County Grants Fund aims to support affiliated Cricket Clubs in three specific themes:

  1. Creating Welcoming Environments
  2. Providing Enhanced Facilities and Playing Opportunities for Women’s and Girls’ Cricket and / or Disability Cricket
  3. Tackling Climate Change
ECB County Grants Fund

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For more information on the ECB County Grants Fund, please contact our Clubs and League Support Officers using the online form below.

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More information

You can read a lot more information about these three themes within the attached guidance notes:

To assist clubs in assessing where they may need to improve their facilities to make them more welcoming and inclusive, the ECB has developed a couple of self-assessment documents.

How will the County Grants Fund be managed in Somerset ?

All clubs who wish to apply should complete our Expression of Interest Form which now live: https://forms.office.com/r/QmCQm1qBzg by 16th September 2022.

As we are nearing the end of the first year of the scheme (Grant approval by 31st October 2022) we are looking for clubs who can develop and deliver quick gain projects, ideally linked (but not exclusive) to energy saving and tackling climate change. The ECB have now published guidance notes “How to Reduce your Energy Consumption” to assist clubs with energy saving solutions and any schemes submitted along those themes will be given high focus, as its expected that club running costs are going to increase significantly over the next 12 months, as the escalating cost of energy consumption starts to hit home.

There is also a need for clubs to be able to deliver their projects within 3 to 4 months, from date of grant award, so energy saving plans like insulation of roof space, replacement of appliances with energy saving alternatives (eg. boilers) and draughtproofing plans (eg. replacement windows and doors), are likely to fit well into that category.

Once this form has been received our development team will be in contact with your club to understand:

  • What your project is
  • Assess its eligibility
  • Impact to cricket in Somerset- National Programmes, Women & Girls & Disability
  • Readiness- cost, partnership funding, planning permission
  • Support you to proceed with a full application at the relevant time.

Once clubs have the green light to proceed with a full application this needs to be completed by 7th October 2022 on ECB IMS System and the process is explained in the County Grant Funds Guidance.

We would urge clubs to get started as soon as possible on their grant applications to be confident of making the application submittal deadline.

There are a few key points we would like to make to clubs at this stage:

  1. Prioritising – Only applications from Clubs that are actively engaged with ECB programmes: All Stars, Dynamos, Women’s and Girls’ Cricket and Disability Cricket will be considered.
  2. Local management – The County Grants Fund will be administered locally, with an Independent Review Panel for award decisions.
  3. Do not see as a replacement for Small Grant Scheme – The County Grants Fund is absolutely not a re-badge of the old Small Grants Scheme. The project themes are very different but also with potentially higher levels of investment.
  4. Scale of support – The County Grants Fund has been launched by the ECB as a priority for supporting the recreational game and the ambitions of its Inspiring Generations Strategy. Therefore, there are very positive levels of investment attributed to the fund. However, there are still finite levels of funding available to us in year one which is why we will work closely with cricket clubs to identify appropriate projects which delivery strong outcomes.

County Grants Fund Webinar

Somerset Cricket Foundation held a webinar on Wednesday 18th August on the County Grant Fund. This is available to watch back on: https://youtu.be/15DFn3PlGBA

Case Studies

Wells Cricket Club identified the need for a new outdoor net facility to help continue to grow their girl’s and women’s offering, and the work was completed in time for the start of the 2022 season.  They were able to access the funding though the providing enhanced facilities and playing opportunities for Women’s and Girl’s Cricket, and/or Disability Cricket element of the County Grant Fund. For further information about Wells CC project click here.

Long Sutton Cricket Club have replaced their 25 years old practice facility to provide the club with a safer practice area which can be used as additional capacity for their growing women and girl’s section who are looking to progress their hardball opportunities.

Shapwick and Polden Cricket Club recently invested in a new pavilion and wanted to complete the new look with a patio.  This was made possible with the funding available through the County Grant Fund for projects designed to create a welcoming environment for club members.

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