Every ball, every run, every wicket, every game counts

Our sport works better, and keeps more people interested when we’re out on the field playing it. When players, captains, groundsmen, officials, coaches, league and club officials work together and have a positive mind set to get the game on, everyone wins. Having a positive mind set to find a way to play and inspiring others to make a real difference by getting out and getting the game on.

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All softball festivals can now be booked online, each team entering is £15 per team. If you would like to host a festival, please contact us.

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Over the past four years 100,000 players have had their say in the National Cricket Playing survey, telling us about the type of cricket they would like to play in the future. Off the back of this valuable feedback ECB has created a ‘League Blueprint’ for open age weekend cricket.

The Blueprint can be used to create the ‘players league’, if players could design a cricket league this is how it would look and feel. Leagues are being encouraged to ‘be a game changer’ and embrace the recommendations in the Blueprint to improve players satisfaction and help keep more players on the pitch and enjoying the game.

When it comes to the cricket season, cricket needs everyone to be prepared on game day by playing their part to ensure as many fixtures as possible are completed. Together we can meet the challenges the game faces and get the best out of the sport we all love to play and there are number of resources for Leagues, Clubs, Captains, Umpires & Groundsmen to help Get The Game On:

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