GROW YOUR CLUB & INCREASE playing opportunities

The Somerset Cricket Foundation are delighted to have created and launch a new local fund for 2024 called the Growing the Game Fund.

The fund has been created to support clubs starting new Youth, Girls and Women’s activity within one of the following:

1. New Hard ball Youth Cricket (U11-U13s)

2. New Hard Ball Girls Cricket (U11 – U13)

3. New Women’s Soft Ball Cricket

4. Women’s Hard Ball Cricket

What is included as part of the funding?

The fund will help in removing barriers which clubs can have in setting up these activities by giving club the opportunity to apply for all or a combination of the following support worth:

  • Foundation Coach Course Qualification – £150
  • First Aid Qualification – £40
  • Umpire Qualification – £70
  • Scorer Qualification – £30
  • Hard Ball Kit Bag – £750
  • Women’s Soft Ball Kit Bag – £200
  • SCF Coaching Session Visit (x2)

In addition to the above each club will be provided with an 8-week coaching plan to support your club with delivery of coaching sessions

The fund works on a 50% funding basis with all qualifications being reimbursed on successful completion and Kit Bags clubs only paying half the above cost.

With the funding in year 1 clubs would be expected to establish their activity and in year 2 clubs supported with funding are required to have teams playing in competition.

How do we apply for the Fund?

To apply for the Growing the Game Fund, clubs need to complete the following:

STEP 1: Complete Application Form

Complete the following short application form where you detail the items you wish to apply for and detail why your club should be supported with this investment

Step 2: Send Bank Statement and Accounts to SCF

Please send a copy of your club’s latest bank statement and most recent set of accounts to Matt Counsell as this will considered by the award panel as part of decision making process.

When can you apply?

Applications are required to be submitted by 20th February and with awards and grant contracts being issued by 27th February.

Please note:

There are a few key points we would like to make to clubs at this stage:

  1. Prioritising: J For the first 3 activity themes priority will be given to clubs without this activity currently and for the 4th theme applications will also be consider for clubs participating in the Somerset Hardball Development League.
  2. Management: The fund will be administered by SCF Staff, with a Panel for award decisions.
  3. Scale of support: SCF have created this fund to support the recreational game and the ambitions of its Inspiring Generations Strategy. However, there are finite levels of funding available to us so it is important that applications have strong delivery outcomes. and this may mean that applications are not funded to the maximum requested.
  4. Club’s not continuing activity in year after funding award: Any Club who do not continue the activity or progress to playing in competition the club will be liable to pay back the grant award which will be detailed in any award contract.

Get in touch

If you’d like to speak to us about SCF Growing the Game Fund, please contact us using the short online form below.