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Somerset Cricket Foundation are excited to announce it will be running Countdown Cricket Indoor Festivals for U10s & U12s this winter. These festivals are designed for graduates of dynamos cricket and those new to cricket. These festival will take place at 4 different venues across the county.

Women and Girls Development Officer Colette said:

‘These festivals will be a great way for clubs to keep there U10s and U12s engage with cricket over the winter, dynamos cricket was a huge success and it will be great to see lots of dynamos graduates in action over the winter. Registration for these festivals has just opened and encourage clubs to get involved’

The Countdown Festivals are a fantastic way for the 8–11-year-olds to experience cricket in a more competitive way by developing their teamwork and game awareness skills. The format is countdown cricket, based on the Hundred competition. Each innings will be 40 balls with everyone getting the opportunity to bowl, batters will bat in pairs for 10 balls. The aim is to gain as many runs as possible in the 40 balls, ensuring everyone has equal opportunity to score runs and take wickets.

To sign up to get involved in Countdown Cricket Festivals click here.

If clubs want more information contact Colette – Colette.gooding@somersetcricketfoundation.org

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