We have produced a brief guide for players to help you understand some important DOs and DON’Ts whilst playing games of cricket this summer.

It is vital that every player at every club adheres to these guidelines to help keep team mates, officials, volunteers and relatives of all of these people safe during the coronavirus pandemic.


Hand & Ball hygiene

1. Clean the ball every 6 overs or 20 minutes (whichever is first)

2. Sanitise hands every 6 overs or 20 minutes (whichever is first)

3. Throw the ball straight back to the bowler once the ball is dead

1. Put sweat or saliva on the ball at any point
Social distancing
4. Stay 2m apart – including during wicket celebrations and when waiting to bat

5. Clap each other off at the end of the game

2. Shake hands, high five or fist bump

3. Ignore the running lines when batting

Getting changed
6. Arrive at the ground in your whites, ready to play

7. If required and available – use a designated indoor area to change in private on your own.

4. Undress in a public place.
Interaction with umpires

5. Pass the umpire anything to hold such as the ball or your cap

6. Touch the bails or the stumps with your hands

The England Cricket team are also urging all players to do their bit to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Fopr more information there is an ECB webpage with detailed guidance for clubs and players.