DBS update October 2020 – The changes detailed below will be effective from the 1st November 2020

The ID verification part of the application process has changed temporarily to allow these to be actioned via a video call as opposed to the standard Face to Face Meeting.

If you require an ECB DBS check please email one of the following:


Your application will be initiated and a link sent directly to your email address. Complete and submit the online application and contact one of the above members of staff to arrange to have your application authorised remotely.

Important steps for the online ID verification meeting:

  1. Ensure that you email over copies of their 3 ID documents prior to the meeting
  2. Ensure that you have your application reference number
  3. Check that your application is in your Full Legal Name (as appears on birth certificate/passport etc)
  4. Confirm if you are a volunteer or in a paid role and that your application has been set up accordingly
  5. At each stage, the applicant will be required to hold up to the screen the original photo ID document to compare a likeness of the photo.
  6. All documents sent by email will be deleted / destroyed.

If you incur any issues with the application verification, then please seek support from dbs@ecb.co.uk

If you require any information or guidance around the DBS process please contact brian.hoyle@somersetcricketboard.org or matthew.counsell@somersetcricketboard.org