On Friday 19th June the ECB released a statement on matchplay in the recreational game for cricket boards to publicise locally. This statement can be seen in full at the bottom of this web page.

In short, three things need to happen for cricket matches to start to take place:

  1. The government needs to lift its current restrictions on team sport matches.
  2. The government needs to increase the bubble size from the current number of 6.
  3. Once the ECB get the green light from the government, they will then release guidelines for the game to return.

There is optimism from government and the ECB that recreational cricket matches will be able to return, possibly in July. The games will need to adhere to social distancing guidelines and the safety of people will remain the number one priority throughout.

It is currently and will remain, a very challenging time for clubs and volunteers who run them. Please be extremely supportive and understanding of them and their rights to do things differently. Demonstrating understanding and offering help and support, as opposed to  being forceful, frustrated and rude will be in everyone’s best long-term interests.

We are currently seeking input from players who were planning on playing this summer. Information on the surveys including a link to complete one can be found here. The surveys will be closed at 11:59pm on Thursday 25th June and your input will help shape the cricket that (hopefully) will be on offer later in the summer.

The ECB statement in full:

The Secretary of State’s message on Tuesday evening outlined plans for earmarking an early July date as being the earliest possible return for recreational cricket.

Last week ECB published their 5 Step Roadmap highlighting that currently the game is in Step 3 of its return. The ECB will continue to work with and be led by UK Government advice, only advising clubs move into step 4 when the Government allows and when it is deemed medically safe to do so.

As cricket is a non-contact sport that involves individual disciplines within a team environment, the ECB are optimistic that forms of the game can be played while respecting social distancing. Step 4, Adapted Play, will allow for cricket to be played, operating under Government rules and with modifications to the game to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all involved.

It is ECB’s ambition to deliver guidelines for a return to play as soon as possible after the Government gives permission to proceed, but please note that given the importance of ensuring cricket clubs and individuals are as safe as can be, this may take a few days from any Government announcement.

Further detail on National Competitions and National Participation Programmes will be shared with County Cricket Boards for onward distribution next week.

In preparation for further ECB announcements, Competition organisers across Counties and Leagues are encouraged to begin considering how they will respond when the ECB advises that we are able to move into Step 4 and whether local competitions are feasible.

ECB Statement ends.