ECB update in relation to DBS verifications.

Throughout this current lockdown, face to face DBS verifications have been put on hold and replaced with online verifications with restricted access to complete the verifications.

During this period the Somerset Cricket Board have completed a large number of DBS checks on behalf of clubs to ensure volunteers at cricket clubs who undertake key roles obtain a DBS certificate.  However, from the 12th April Club Safeguarding Officers (formerly Club Welfare Officers) will, should they feel comfortable doing so, be able to complete face to face verifications, as long as the verifier and those requiring their ID to be verified observe all Government guidelines.


  • The policy on DBS verifications will change in line with the UK Government’s Step 2 road map out of lockdown which sees the easing of lockdown restrictions on gatherings, outdoor activities, and a return of formally organised, outdoor sport.
  • From the 12th April all Video ID verifications should cease in England and Wales and revert back to face-to-face verifications
  • Face-to-face ID document verification can take place from the 12th April, as long as the verifier and those requiring their ID to be verified observe all Government guidelines.
  • All ID verifications to take place in an outdoor setting, and not inside someone else’s home

DBS process from the 12th April

The DBS authorisation process is reverting back to a face to face process from Monday 12th April.

If a club volunteer needs to apply for a DBS/or renew their DBS at the end of the 3 year period, the process is:

  • The volunteer should contact their Club Safeguarding Officer (CSO) and ask them to initiate an online DBS application. If the CSO has been registered as an Online ID Verifier and has access to the system, they can initiate the application.
  • If the CSO is not registered as an ID Verifier yet, they will not be able to do this, so applicants should contact SCB staff detailed on this email and we can initiate the application for them.
  • Once the application has been initiated, applicants will receive an email link to complete their application and should follow the instructions as directed on the portal. The applicant will be asked to input details of 3 pieces of ID evidence (e.g. passport, driving licence, birth certificate, utility bill, P45/P60).
  • When the application has been submitted, they will receive an email from ECB with contact details of nearby Online ID Verifiers so that the applicant can get their ID documents verified. If their CSO is registered as an Online ID Verifier, they can do this (they will require their unique DBS registration number).
    If they are not registered and the details of the local ones are inconvenient, applicants should contact a member of our team. We can then direct them to other authorised verifiers who may be able to help, or we can arrange to verify the documents for them.
  • Once an ID Verifier has approved the documents and submitted the application, it will be turned around in 10-14 days.

All previously registered CSO’s will have access to the ECB DBS system from the 12/04.

Notifications will be sent by the ECB directly to all Club Safeguarding Officers and there will be a notification on the DBS system.



Up until 12th April, the SCB will continue to be available to support online verifications.  The following SCB staff will be on hand to set up online DBS applications and complete ID verifications:

Brian Hoyle
Matthew Counsell
Scott Chappell
Steve Gass
Amanda Counsell