We are aware that many clubs will be in the process of planning their winter coaching programmes for both juniors and seniors; something that we are all hopeful can go ahead unaffected given the cancellations of the majority of last winter’s programmes.

Many clubs will recall that last winter, the ECB released significant Government approved guidance for cricket indoors. This reflected the extremely challenging circumstances that we were preparing for this time last year.

As we look ahead to the 2021-2022 winter, there is still a lot of importance around providing cricket indoors as safely as possible. With that in mind, the ECB has released some updated indoor Guidance for cricket activity, effective from October 2021. The guidance is considerably shorter than last years to reflect where we are within the pandemic.

However, we at Somerset Cricket Foundation would still urge all clubs and coaching providers to read through the guidance (link below) in detail so as to ensure you take on board the recommendations that will help to make Cricket as safe as possible within current conditions.

Indoor Guidance -October-2021