Since the ECB announced the changes to the Laws of Cricket there have been a number of queries with players wanting to know what it means to their cricket. In particular our local leagues, clubs and players alike have been asking:

What are the changes to the laws?

How will they impact cricket at our level?

How do the laws differ depending upon whether the game is officiated by a non-playing umpire or a playing umpire?

Are the rules different when involving young players?

We received information through from the ECB regarding the recent rule changes and with this information they have provided videos to help explain them all a little better.

The following videos should help you with your queries:

  1.  Players’ guide to the key law changes – (overview, length 5:41)
  2. ECB ACO Summary of Law Changes – (length 19:54 – at 7:26 there is a very relevant section about bouncers, beamers and above waste high full tosses)
  3. Law 42 – Player behaviour online tool (player conduct) – this section takes you through a step by step process of how to deal with poor player behaviour and the various levels involved
  4. Bouncers and Beamers (and high full tosses)

Further to these videos we have been advised by both the Bristol & District Cricket League and the Shrubbery Somerset Cricket League that Law 42 will only be applied in matches officiated by appointed League Umpires.

We encourage all clubs to share this article with their players before the season begins.