Unfortunately, as we are all aware, there is no cricket being played at clubs at the moment. With great weather,  it would be wrong not to turn our attentions to playing some cricket at home!

Below are a few free online resources that have drills that are suitable to be carried out at home. There are a nice mix of activities that cater for all ages, abilities and spaces.

For those with younger children

Elite Cricket Coaching – a wide variety of drills that are suitable for younger children (and could be adapted for older ones) This page also has the added benefits of having added some workouts that can be completed at home.  The majority of drills are best to be carried out in the garden, but can be adapted if required

All Stars Cricket– activities designed by the ECB for children aged 5-8 to be played in the garden.  All equipment used in these activities are provided in the backpack provided to all those that have signed up.  The activities are related to the different topics covered in the All Stars programme.

All Stars Activity Booklet– We are delighted to be able to share with you the 2020 All Stars Activity Booklet which has been adapted so that all content is suitable for families whilst they are at home. We look forward to seeing quiz answers, recipe outcomes and videos of cricket skills from all our junior cricketers.

Dynamos AppIt’s full of cricket skills videos, activities and quizzes to keep all children aged 8+ active at home or in the garden. Share it with friends and family who you know might want to get involved (or give it a go yourself – we won’t tell!)

Australian Sports Camps – 3 basic drills that allow children to practice independently at home.  It also has a handy guide to some of the rules for any that may not be familiar.

Suitable for children of all ages

Chance to Shine – sign up as a parent to gain access to a large number of activities covering all aspects of the game for all ages up to Key Stage 3, these include fun activities that can be played in the garden.  This resource also provides ideas to link cricket to the core curriculum!

NatWest MoneySense– We know that whilst some of us are staying home with our young cricket fans, it can be difficult to keep home schooling engaging. We take our hats off to all those who are currently doing this! NatWest MoneySense is a free, online fun programme for children aged between 5 and 18. Each week, NatWest MoneySense Monday’s will focus on a different topic to help introduce finance topics at home. On Monday 18th May at 10.30 – 11.00am NatWest ambassador and England Cricket legend, Michael Vaughan and his daughter, Jemima, will be joining the MoneySense Monday’s session for 8-12 year olds. The interactive lesson will focus on fundraising for charities, including what charity to choose, running fundraising events and how to communicate your fundraising. For more inspiration and support on home schooling your young cricket fans and future players, join in on NatWest Facebook and YouTube channels this Monday.

Taunton CC – Some of the coaches at the club have provided videos of different activities that can be carried out in the garden or adapted to be carried out in the house.  These cover all areas of the game and can be adapted for all ages to challenge everyone.

Bedminster CC – all you need for these is a tennis ball and wall or partner to practice your catching.  There is a real variety in order for you to challenge yourself no matter your level of experience

Matt Duckering & Bridgwater CC Players – Youth co-coordinator of Bridgwater CC with the help of a number of players, Matt has been providing have been busy provided lots of Batting, Bowling & Fielding Drills which you can try from home which are suitable for all ages.

Cricket for Girls– Former England batter Lydia Greenway has produced a number of video masterclasses which you can try at home and also has challenges set by different members of the England team such as Nat Sciver & Amy Jones.

For older children with more experience

ECB Cricketing tips – Some of the England players have shared their tips on how they prepare for the season and focusing on small aspects of their game. This gives you a good insight on how to prepare and how to improve your game with subtle changes.

SCCC Pathway – The pathway are providing videos for you to emulate Somerset players and practice different areas of the game.  Everything is covered from batting like Tom Abell to bowling like Jack Leach.

The Cricket Consultant– Has provided a comprehensive list of Batting, Bowling, Fielding & Keeping drills  with coaching tips that can be done at home with minimal equipment, that is easily found around the home.  A good way to test your skills in all different scenarios. Follow him on Twitter then ask him fro the drills and they will be shared with you free of charge in an interactive PDF

Mark Garaway and Gentlemen & Players– Mark the current Millfield Director of Cricket and Gentlemen & Players have been busy provided lots of Batting, Bowling & Fielding Drills which you can try from home.

Esher CC – the coaches have provided videos of certain aspects of the game and with ideas of how the drills can be carried out at home.  These videos do tend to require a lot of space, however, they could be carried out on your daily exercise

Ben Williams – more technically focused there are a number of drills that can be used and adapted to be completed inside the house if needed, especially the batting drills.

Fearnley Cricket– lots of different batting drills which you can do at home with limited equipment

We hope you enjoy some of these activities. If you have found any other resources that have been great fun please let us know by emailing emily.vickery@somersetcricketboard.org