Today is the start of Mental Health Awareness Week, a week where we encourage everyone to begin a conversation about the importance of protecting your mental health, and raising awareness of mental health across Somerset.

To Support cricket clubs across Somerset to help break the stigma that surrounds mental health, we are we working with 22 individuals who have joined our Wellbeing Champion Programme.

Wellbeing Champions are cricket volunteers who have volunteered their time to work towards the Somerset Cricket Foundations Wellbeing Champion pledge; AWARE.  The Aware pledge will help ensure a Cricket Club is on the path to becoming a welcoming and mentally healthy place to play cricket and more info can be found on our Wellbeing Champions Page.

We would like to introduce two Wellbeing Champions who are volunteering in the network and looking to make a difference during Mental health Awareness Week and across the season.

Andy Shelldrake – ‘Shellers’

I have been a member at Bedminster Cricket Club for over ten years. I have noticed that over the past few years, the impact that mental health has had within the cricket club and wanted to give support and advice that being aware and talking about mental health is ok.

In my job as a qualified Psychiatric Nurse for 21 years, I felt this role was perfect for me in combining 2 of my passions playing cricket and Mental health.

I hope that being in this role will help Bedminster Cricket Club, be more aware and supportive to individuals who suffer with mental health difficulties.

I hope to extinguish the stigma and labelling around mental health, and will always be approachable and available to talk to anyone associated with Bedminster Cricket Club.


Dan Van Grudgings

As Clevedon’s Well-being champion I am excited to launch a new mental health campaign this season called Taking Guard. Despite some great successes on the pitch, there has been some difficult times for CCC in recent years.


As we enter the start of the 2022 season, I am hoping to reduce the stigma around mental health whilst also creating a positive change in culture when discussing this topic. We are already starting to see the difference this can have.


We will be introducing a range of initiatives to promote positive mental health and well-being. The biggest part of this journey has been creating a go-to “Let’s Build Well-being” Team.  This team includes players across all of the teams in the club coming together to promote the same message and actively support their team-mates.


I’m looking forward to representing the well-being champions this summer and hope we have plenty of sun, fun and success to enjoy.