Somerset Cricket Foundation are working with Nuffield Health to provide a series of webinar to support players in the network. The first webinar focuses on Injury Prevention, and takes place on Wednesday 12th April.

Topic: Injury Prevention Webinar – Shoulder Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
  • Date: Wednesday 12th April
  • Time: 7pm – 8pm
  • Location: Online Webinar
  • Cost: FREE

They are also delivering a Women’s Health webinar, which will take place on Thursday 16th March. This will be lead by a senior consultant at Nuffield and will cover some of the topics below. There will also be an opportunity for a Q&A at the end.

  • Menopause
  • Periods
  • Vulval health
  • Going for cervical screening tests
  • Lifestyle tips and why
  • Topic: Women’s Health
Topic: Women’s Health