On a gloriously sunny day the Somerset Disabled CC Development team travelled up the M5 to see the Gloucestershire Cricket Foundation Development team at Gloucestershire Cricket Club.


Gloucestershire won the toss and elected to bat.


Will Ritchie (2-19) starting the proceedings with some good pace bowling with both himself and Ben Hallows (0-31) putting the pressure onto the opening batters.It wasn’t long before good line and length brought the first wicket of the day as Will Ritchie bowled Matthew Page (5) with the score at just 11 runs and the 3 over 1 ball from completion.


Some strong hitting from Andre Thomas (21)  started the score to increase but with another good delivery Will struck again with his first ball in the 5th over removing Jack Giles (0) LBW. Peter Hale (5) was to join Andre in the middle now as Gloucestershire put on a bit more pressure. Some good bowling from Jacob Lunn (1-9) slowed the run rate down as the score hit 46 before Andre was removed LWB by Jacob. Captain Shravani Philpot (0) then came to the middle but was quickly bowled by Colin Hancock (2-17). The score now 49-4 Somerset attempted to keep the momentum going. With Peter Hale at one end and the new batter Joseph Cordey, Jacob and Colin bowling well kept the runs down as a good catch in the slips by Ben Hallows off of Colin Hackock removed Joseph (5). The experienced David Smart now coming out to support some strong bowling from Charlie May (2-36) brought a good catch from Jack Milton and Peter Hale was dismissed. The score now at 61-6 Somerset seemed in control. A short but strong stint from Ben Wentworth (10) as some safe hands from Wicket Keeper George Fox-Reid off of Charlie May bowling removed a batter who was showing strong intent to push the score forward. Andy Loud now joining David Smart in the middle, the pair soon found their stride. With Paul Lewis (0-34), tempting and teasing he was unable to find the breakthrough as Andy striking well pushed the score quickly ahead. A miss-communication with the runners gave Paul the opportunity to remove the bails and in turn Andy (23). Liara Hampton now came to the middle and the youngster showed good intent to ensure that a strong target was set. With the 30 overs bowled, David Smart finished on 38 not out and Liara on 19. The total set, a strong 172.

Somerset now realising the challenge ahead began well with Jacob Lunn (25 retired) and Charlie May (11) starting to build a steady partnership. A quick single was the breakthrough though as the batters disagreed on a run and Charlie May was run out at the non-strikers end. The score sitting at 48-1 with 11 overs gone. Somerset focusing all their efforts to gain more runs, Ben Hallows entered the game hitting a quick 9 before being bowled by Matthew Page (1-11). Paul Lewis now came to the centre and seemed comfortable before being dismissed by Liara Hampton after the ball hit him in the stomach and landed straight on top of the stumps. George Fox-Reid was the man to replace Paul and partner Jacob as Somerset looked for answers. The score now 76-3 and nearly 16 overs completed. George and Jacob teaming well it was decided at the 20th over hit to retire Jacob and Kris Martin was his replacement. Some solid bowling from Andy Loud (1-17) bowled Kris Martin (6) as he attempted to increase the attack and showed good intent on doing so.

Dexter Adams was next in and he had runs on his mind. George was shortly dismissed by Shravani Philpot (1-27) as again runs were the focus of the batters in the middle. Mark Lyons joined Dexter in the middle and with just under 5 overs remaining and the score now at 112-5 the odds were against the Somerset side. Some strong bowling continued to pin the Somerset batters back but some quick running, strong shots and perseverance the 30 overs finished with Somerset falling just 11 runs short. Dexter Adams finishing on a strong 31 from just 25 balls and Mark on 8 from 11.


An extremely tight game played in the best spirit by both teams, the overall winner of the day was cricket. A big thanks to Gloucestershire for hosting us and Somerset look forward to the return fixture at Ilton Cricket Club on the 9th July.