Somerset Cricket Foundation supporters, Eurilait, delivered a Basic Food Hygiene course today to 12 Lords Taverners Super 1 players.

The course featured as part of the Foundations wider ‘future skills’ offer for all young players that are part of the Super 1 programme.

The young people had the opportunity to learn how to wash their hands effectively and actively see the impact this have in the reduction of bacteria, amongst other things.

“It was great to use the professional skills of a Foundation sponsor in such a positive way that has now provided a real tangible benefit in the form of a Basic Food Hygiene certificate that can now be used by our participants to widen or support future aspirations”

Steve Gass, Community Programmes Manager

“It was fun to see how dirty my hands were and how much bacteria was on them.  It was even better to see the huge difference that simply washing hands can make to the amount of bacteria on them!”

Super 1s participant

The Super 1 participants, now armed with their basic food hygiene certificate, have the opportunity to volunteer at the Cooper Associates County Ground and support Eurilait by distributing some of their wonderful free samples.  These opportunities, continue to help our Super 1 participants grow and develop skills that can be applied now or in the future.