Over the summer there are some amazing opportunities for girls to get involved with cricket.  It does not matter if you have or haven’t played before, there will be a club for you.

Across the County we have 57 All Star cricket centres offering 5-8 year olds a fantastic first experience of cricket.  You will be guaranteed 8 weeks of cricket that will be jam packed with fun, activity and skill development.    All Stars is a mixed programme ideal for both girls and boys.  To see your local club, please use the table below.

For young girls aged 8-11, there are 11 clubs offering Girls’ only Dynamos Cricket.  Dynamos is great stepping stone from All Stars, but it’s also a prefect introduction to cricket for new players.  Players are guaranteed 8 weeks of cricket. To see your local club, please use the table below.

In addition to the above programmes, if there isn’t a girls Dyanmos centre near you, there might be a club running a girls U11 section.  These are equally as fantastic as the Dynamos programme and all girls are welcome.

There are are also a number of clubs running girls only cricket for U13 and U15.  So there is something for everyone!

So, if you have a daughter aged 5 upward, there will be a cricket club near you waiting for your email/phone call!

For more information on your nearest All Stars Centre and Girls Only Dynamo’s programme, see the table below.

Or for a full list of girl only sections,  please simply follow this link.

[button link=”https://somersetcricketfoundation.org/adult-cricket/womens/womens-and-girls-clubs/” type=”big” color=”orange” newwindow=”yes”] Girls’ cricket sections[/button]


All Stars Centres (5-8 year olds)

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Dynamos Centres (8-11 year olds)

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