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The Vitality U19 T20 competition returned in 2021 after a Covid induced sabbatical in 2020. 25 teams started the competition in June, and on Sunday 18th August the top eight teams in Somerset came together at the finals day, jointly hosted by Weston-super-Mare Cricket Club and Uphill Castle Cricket Club, to compete to be crowned winner.

Weston Super Kings, Beckington Badgers, Perrott Monkeys and Deane Diamonds all booked their places at finals day by finishing top of their respective divisions, and they were joined by Churchill Chargers, Bridgwater Red Sox, The Saints and Bath Swords, who all won their play-off fixtures.

The format of the day was 15 overs quarter finals and semi finals, followed by a 20 overs final at Uphill Castle.

At Weston, Weston Super Kings (150/5) easily defeated Churchill Chargers (100/6), whilst the experienced Bridgwater saw three retirees as they cruised to 161/6 cruised to victory over the young Beckington Badgers side, beating them by 52 runs.

Bridgwater Red Sox failed to exploit their strong start in their semi final against Weston Super Kings and stuttered to 107/7, which the Super Kings easily chased for the loss of one wicket.
Over at Uphill, Perrott Monkeys kept The Saints batsmen in check as they posted 113/7, however their run chase faltered as only one batsman manged to reach double figures and the innings closed on 76/6.

Deane Diamonds managed to limit Bath Swords to 81/9 before confidently chasing the total for the loss of 1 wicket in the 10th over, setting up an all Taunton semi final.

Deane Diamonds easily chased The Saints 94/7 booking themselves a place in the final against Weston Super Kings, having previously won the title three years in a row between 2015 and 2017.

Super Kings started off their innings strongly, but Deane Diamonds showed their depth and despite strong performances from Jack Press and Sam Elstone, Weston stuttered to 126/9. In reply, Charlie Sharland attacked from the outset, the game was soon out of the Super Kings hands and Deane Diamonds for the taking. Deane Diamond surpassed the asking with 7 wickets in hand and with 7 overs to spare, and lifted the trophy for the fourth time since the competition started.

Deane Diamonds Captain Connor Chilcott with the trophy

Charlie Sharland was awarded the man of the match for his 19 balls 55, which included 7 x 4s and 3 x 6s, and he was presented with a voucher courtesy of Richard Brice at Somerset County Sports.

Reflecting on the competition, Club and League Development Officer Nicky Clarke said

‘Given the poor weather and Covid, it’s testament to the determination and the will of the clubs and players to get the game on that we have been able to deliver a full and competitive competition in 2021. The support we have received from all the clubs has been excellent, and we hope we can grow the competition further in 2022.’

SCF extend our gratitude to both Weston-super-Mare Cricket Club and Uphill Castle Cricket Club for hosting, to SACO for supplying the umpires, to SCS for sponsoring the man of the match award for the final, and finally to our photographer for the day, Neil Dopson.

We’d love to hear the feedback from the players, this will help us to shape the competition on offer in 2022, so if you haven’t already done so, please fill out this form


If any new clubs are interested in entering in 2022, please get in contact with Nicky Clarke nicky.clarke@somersetcricketfoundation.org

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