Mental health and emotional wellbeing affect all aspects of our lives and health choices. Mental wellbeing is about feeling good and functioning well, as individuals and as communities. It is also about our ability to cope with life’s problems and making the most of life’s opportunities.

Good mental health is more than the absence of mental illness. It is the foundation for wellbeing. It is something you must take care of, rather than take for granted.

As documented by Somerset County Council, 1:6 adults will have a mental health problem at one time.  So, if you have a club membership of 100, that’s almost 17 people in your club who might experiencing difficulties on a day-to-day basis.  Would anyone know?  Is anyone listening to them?

As Foundation we are looking to build on our Wellbeing Champion programme to train and support 16 volunteers from across the Cricket Club network. Wellbeing Champions will explore how they can promote wellbeing. We want our Champions to support cricket clubs to become positive mentally healthy places to be and to be a point of contact for members should then need someone listen and signpost to early interventions to avoid potential crisis.

Is this a role you could do?

We are holding a webinar on Wednesday 2nd February from 7pm – 7.30pm  for any new club or individual wanting to find out more.  To book a place and express an interest, please complete the booking form below.


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The role of a Wellbeing Champion: 

  • To play an active role in reducing the stigma that surrounds mental health by following the Wellbeing Champion Calendar and promoting positive mental health
  • To promote support services
  • To be a point of contact for a club member should they need someone to listen and signpost to relevant services.
  • To implement the 5 ways to wellbeing

The Wellbeing Champion role would suit someone with:

  • Male and female from the same cricket club
  • Can devote time to the role
  • An open and non-judgmental attitude
  • Adopt a positive, patient, and supportive approach towards supporting people
  • Be a positive role model
  • have lived experience or, either personally, or supporting a close friend or family member (this is not essential, but will help with empathising some of the difficulties faced by members you could be speaking to)

We want our Wellbeing Champions to:

  • Support: listening and signposting members within their club to access appropriate support
  • Promote: actively share and promote local and national mental health campaigns to break the stigma surrounding mental health
  • Engage: Link with local organisations that support mental health and your local community encouraging people to join and play.

As a Wellbeing Champion you will receive: 

  • Level 2 Award in First Aid for Mental Health Training (6-hour course and an assessment)
  • Safeguarding training
  • A planning and next steps webinar
  • Access to the Wellbeing Champion Calendar that will include content for your share within your cricket club via social media
  • Access to posters to display in your club
  • Links developed with local organisations that can support you.
  • Monthly online peer support sessions
  • Access to material to help you with the promotion of your role within your club and to resources to share within your club.

What a Wellbeing Champion will not do: 

Wellbeing Champions will not provide individual support for people experiencing mental health problems or who are in crisis.  Our Champions will know who can though and will know how to contact them.  Our Champion will signpost individuals to services that can help.