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Courage West of England Premier League
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Gloucestershire County Cricket League sponsored by Greene King IPA
Monmouth Scientific Somerset Cricket League
Wiltshire Cricket League sponsored by Neon Cricket

10th November 2020

Subject: 2021 cricket season

A zoom meeting was recently held between the top five leagues in the region to evaluate the 2020 season and to share thoughts on the 2021 season. The leagues are keen to keep clubs and players up to date with plans for the 2021 season:

The 2021 season

League plans for the 2021 season are currently based on a full cricket season being played. Clearly, there may be a need to make adjustments closer to the time but attempting to predict these six months in advance of the season was deemed futile.

This summer, Cricket Boards, leagues and clubs were able to consult with players, restructure the leagues and get matches played in just five weeks. Whilst there is zero desire for such a scenario in 2021 it was agreed to delay any possible Covid-19 related adjustments required for the 2021 season until much closer to the season in the confidence that any adaptations could be turned around very quickly if needed. Instead, we will continue to plan for a full season in 2021 but will be delaying entry deadlines and fixture productions in order to give clubs as much time as possible to understand the impact Covid-19 may have had on playing numbers for 2021.

Each league will continue to host an AGM prior to the 2021 season. These are highly likely to be virtual events.

Entry deadline for leagues

Teams dropping out from leagues has a significant knock-on impact on other players and teams, so in an attempt to minimise such drop-outs, all Leagues have agreed to extend their usual deadline for teams to enter until the 31st December 2020.

The five leagues have agreed to meet again in January with a view of releasing fixtures to their clubs by the 1st February 2021

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