Make this a Summer, a summer for something new.

With everyone having spent the last three months indoors, is there a better remedy than being outdoors in the sun, with friends trying something new?

The answer is no, there is nothing better!  In that case, why not consider getting involved in women’s cricket?  If you are new to the sport you might have an image of lots of standing around, waiting and wearing lots of padded clothing!  Well, news for you, women’s soft ball cricket is anything but that.  You can wear what you want, no protective equipment required and everyone gets to bat, bowl and field.

We have a huge number of cricket clubs across the county offering soft ball cricket and they’d all welcome new players.

Equally, if you have played cricket before and want to join a women’s hard ball team, then we have a number of established clubs and emerging clubs, all of which would welcome new members.

There is something for everyone, new player or experienced player there is a club for you.  Contact a club this summer and join the cricket family.   You won’t regret it!

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