Helping to improve and maintain club grounds

The Somerset Cricket Foundation and The Grounds Association are very proud to have two trailers available for clubs to hire, and want to see the trailers continually improved and maintained so that it remains a first class service for clubs.

Trailer scheme charges

Full Hire

One day trailer hire with equipment for scarifying, picking up, seed, fertiliser and loam spreading. Our operator will work alongside club helpers, operating scarifier exclusively.

Basic hire cost:

  • £190

Per pitch cost:

  • £27 per pitch (up to 12 pitches)
  • £40 per additional pitch from 13 onwards

For example:

  • 10 pitch square: £190 (Hire cost) + £270(10 x £27 per pitch cost) = £450
  • 15 pitch square: £190 (Hire cost) + £444 (12 x £27 per pitch cost + 3 x £40 additional pitch cost) = £634
Scarifying / Pick up Option

For clubs wishing to use a contractor for all spreading work – seed, fertiliser and loam. This may be an option for large clubs with more than one square.

One day trailer with scarifier (plus rotorake brush for Graden on North trailer). Operator to transport trailer to and from ground, operating scarifier only.

Basic hire cost:

  • £160

Per pitch cost:

  • £25 per pitch (up to 12 pitches)
  • £32 per additional pitch from 13 onwards

For example:

  • 25 pitches over 2 squares: £160 (Hire cost) + £565 (12 x £25 per pitch cost + 13 x £32 additional pitch cost) = £876

Booking information

There are two trailers available to hire to help ensure this service is readily available for clubs across the county.

  • To book the trailer in the North & East of the county please contact Phil Mortimer-
  • To book the trailer in the South & West of the county please email Dave Counsell on

Before making any booking please read the following documents


A cricket square is made up of heavy clay soils so aeration is vitally important and should be seen as a positive measure for clubs. This helps keep nutrients in circulation and increase the effectiveness of irrigation and root development in the summer. If thorough aeration is not carried out to decompact the square it will impede the health and vigour of the turf, denying free passage of water, air and nutrients to encourage root development, which is important to bind the pitch surface together to prevent cracking and crumbling and allows top dressing to migrate into the tine holes.

The Spiker will be transported to and from your club and operated by Phil Mortimer exclusively. Details of the aeration service including costs and how to book can be found below.

Basic spiker hire fee:

  • £70 for up to 10 pitches
  • £80 for 11 to 15 pitches
  • £90 for more than 15 pitches

Per pitch cost:

  • £10

Phil will attempt to go to several grounds on the same day to minimise travelling costs / time. To book the Aeration Service please contact Phil Mortimer on

Grounds courses and education

Courses for club grounds Maintenance

The Somerset Cricket Grounds Association’s (SCGA) principle aim is to work in partnership with appropriate individuals, suppliers and agencies to develop both groundskeeper and playing surfaces for all clubs, schools and facilities affiliated to the SCB. The latest courses, events and important information for Grounds maintenance can be found via our Workforce pages.