5 skills events across 5 weeks

The Somerset Cricket Foundation Primary School ‘Cricket Olympics’ comprises of 5 ‘events across 5 weeks during April and May. It enables schools to compete against each other to win a money can’t buy first prize along with several other fantastic prizes. It also enables children to practise their cricket skills and achieve either a gold, silver, bronze or participation certificate.

Take part

For more information on our Primary School Cricket Olympics, as well as details on how your school can take part, please contact our Schools & Coaching Manager.

How to enter

To enter all you have to do is complete the event each week with as many classes as you wish and upload the results via the link in the table below. The activities are accessible for all year groups with the points levels differing for each age group.

The leaderboard will work in the same way as the Olympic medal table; schools will be ordered by highest percentage of gold awards.

How it works

Children complete the events in the table on the previous page. You can do these as and when you like although the leaderboard will only be updated with that week’s event. You must upload each week’s results by 9am on the following Monday. If you complete events in advance, we will add them when we get to that week, so you will not miss out.

To qualify for the prizes, you must enter at least one class in all five challenges.

Individual ‘Overall’ Awards

At the end of the five events children will receive a certificate based on their performance. This is detailed underneath the table below. Certificates will be provided electronically. To help teachers keep a record of how their children get on across the five events we have designed a ‘Class Recording Sheet‘ that you are able to download and print.

Get in touch

If you’d like to speak to us about our work with schools or would like to register for our Schools’ Day, please contact us using the short online form below.

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